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Linkztoxx - New way to make euro in social network

Linkstoxx..a new social network pay you for every activities you do in Linkstoxx..Different with other social network that use dollar for paying their member, linkstoxx use euro for currency standard and they will pay you for adding network, add new friend, post in your network, make your own group and promote your group, invite friends to join in your group etc.
To join in linkstoxx is free and to ease my visitor to join into this new social network, just click here and you will deliver directly to linkstoxx website and you can register for free.
Here are the steps if you want to join:
- After you fill the register form, you must activated your account
- To activated your account, just go to your mail that you use to join linkstoxx
- Find email from linkstoxx
- Open it and click the link they given to you to activated your account
- After activated your account, just completely your profile
Basically, linkstoxx use France language as basic language in their website, but we don't need to be understand France to join and making friend and money. Use google translate to automatically translating into English using Google translate toolbar and you will understand what shoul you do to add more point.
You also can get point by click the advertising, join into free group in many major you liked as many as you can.
Beginning, the writer rather doubt with this web,but after saw my friend's payment proof from linkstoxx and found another proof in another blog (see here), so the writer joined in this network. If we don't try we won't know what happened will be.

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Dollar alternative from your blog

Maybe some of you have some blogs. You have add adsense code into your blog, but you feel that the revenue you get not much from adsense. You desperate and maybe ask why.. There are some reason that can be explain that.
1. There is no much traffic visit your blog so there is not much people see Google ads and then click the ads.
2. You don't post regularly in your blog,so people don't get useful information from your blog. No information
     means no people visit your blog (no traffic)

But, don't worry..If you still have spirit to make money from your blog and also spirit to write content into your blog, you can try to join Paid Review job. Maybe you don't strange when hear about Paid Review, but some of you maybe ask what is Paid Review or Pay Per Review/PPR?

PPR or Paid Review is one kind of job you can do online in internet which will paid every member to write review about product or website on internet. For every review that member write in their blog about a product, you as the owner of the blog or web will get some commission from advertiser. For everytime you review about product or web, logically the website or product that you written in your blog will be well known by your visitor. There are many PPR service available on internet. You can choose one and then try their service. Here are the list of PPR website. Just click in the list and you will be directly to the website. That's it, so simple.

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Offer your skill ...Get 5$ for Each Order you Get

Do you have skill related with internet, such as:

  • Making e-book cover, e-cover software box
  • Making  soundtrack
  • Gaining and grow Twitter follower
  • Design brochure, header, template etc
  • Writing SEO friendly articles.
  • many more skills
Don't let your skill go..Use it, offer it to others and get  fresh dollars (USD $) from internet. Maybe you ask me, where I can offer my skill so other people can hire me? Good question.

Fiverr , is a website where many freelancer or people who has unique skill meet with their customer that need their skill. If you interested in, just press Join tab right above of the website and then will appear registration form like this picture below.

Just fill your data in that form. After that click Join button
Please check your email that you use to register in Fiverr and then find confirmation email, open it then click confirmation link.
Now, your Fiverr account is already done.

To start sell your skill, just login into your Fiverr account. Here are the steps:
- Choose Profile then press Setting tab
- Fill out your detail data and describe who you are.
- Enter your paypal email. If you don't have Paypal account, just click here
- Write what kind of your skill that you want to offer.
- Insert your profile picture
- After that, press Save button

If you want offer your skill, choose Seller tab and then press My Gigs tab
Fiverr use 'Gigs' for everything you offer to other people from all around the world that will pay your skill for 5$.
- Press Add New button to start selling your skill.
- Fill out the space available in Add New Gigs form (see the picture below)

Follow this steps to fill this form :
- Fill I will .....for 5$ with short description what will you offer.
- Choose your Category
- In space Description, please describe what kind of thing you offer
- Also write the instruction that buyer will do when they order your gig.
- In Tags space, fill with suitable keyword to represent and describe
   what skill you offer.
- In "Maximum Days to complete" please fill out with how many days
   you can finish the order.
- In "Add Images" , please insert your represent image that can be
  represented your gig that you offer.
- After that, press Save button.

Now "My Gigs" listing is ready to view by other people who need your skill. If someone order your Gig, Fiverr will send you notification email.

Some of author's friend has used this service. They said, although Fiverr just stand for, but they really pay you via your Paypal account.

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Want to get Dollars from Facebook?

Facebook..Who doesn't know about Facebook or maybe you don't have an account there?? Just register..FREE. By register in Facebook, you can get the opportunity got fresh dollar from Facebook? Is it true??
Yes, it's true. You can get dollars from Facebook, so you don't only use just for browsing, add comment to your friend's wall or playing game but now you can take this opportunity too. Below, I will give you the steps that you can follow:

  • Please login into your Facebook
  • Then find Easy Cash application in your Facebook or click this link here
  • You can press "LIKE" button if you want.
  • Press Go to application button.
  • Then press  Allow button when the application ask your allowance to access directly to your account.
  • If you approved, 1USD$ will be your own bonus.
  • To add your revenue, find and get your affiliate link (you can find at right side on above).
  • Just choose Reffer Friends tab (picture A)
  • Choose your friends that you want to invite to join Easy Cash application (picture B)
  • You can only invite 12friends in everyday.
  • After that, just press Send Easy Cash Invitation button and click Send button in confirm window that appear.
Below, I insert support picture to explain my explanation above:

                                              Pic A. Tab Refer Friends

                                               Pic B. Select your friend

If you need payment proof into paypal account. just check here
Hurry up to join, before your friend joined..

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Google Adsense Maker Service

Basically, we provide internet marketing video tutorial original from the expert in internet marketing.
We also offer to help all of you who don't have Google adsense account or people have ever rejected their Adsense application by Google.

Only Rp. 175.000 BONUS for this November is Ebook "Strategi Pemilihan Niche Produk" . If you interested in, just send your data detail include full name, address, cellular number and email into this mail: and we will reply your email with our bank account/Paypal email to transfer your payment and also include link to download the Bonus). Every month we will change our BONUS. For payment this service, just send the down payment (50%) and 50% can be paid after your adsense approved.

This service is only available for Indonesian people.



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September Tutorial Products - For Indonesian people only

Dapatkan FREE Ebook "Rahasia Sukses jadi Afiliate Marketer dibawah ini :

  • Apa itu afiliate marketing, bagaimana memilih produk yang tepat..??
  • Bagaimana cara promosi produk yang pas..??
  • Bagaimana mengoptimize web Anda dengan SEO..
  • Apa itu Upsell, landing page...
  • Metode dan Tips buat memasarkan produk afiliate dll

Dapatkan semuanya hanya di ebook "Successful Affiliate Marketer" FREE

Dapatkan e-book diatas FREE untuk pemesanan Paket Video Tutorial Tune Up Windows Vista dan Video Tutorial Affiliate Marketing Basic dibawah ini.

Only Rp. 100.000

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